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Your Projects, Our Passion

About Us

Bruser is a well-established engineering consulting firm with a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians renowned for their expertise, integrity and top quality, customized services. For almost twenty (20) years, we have been painstakingly attentive to the needs and requirements of our clients, offering support throughout project completion. Owing to our methodology, we have refined our engineering skills and know-how in the following fields: management and treatment of drinking and wastewater, control and instrumentation, road infrastructure, construction of municipal service buildings, and construction project management.

Bruser is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

The skills required from engineers to exercise their professional activities change rapidly and continuously. To keep up to date on the latest technologies and newest regulations applying to their fields of expertise, Bruser’s employees engage in continuing education year round. We are committed to the ongoing delivery of innovative, intelligent and efficient solutions to our clientele. Bruser has been involved in engineering in the Province of Quebec since 1996 and in Newfoundland and Labrador since 2008.

  • Our Aim : Exceeding your requirements…

    Our know-how and ability to communicate efficiently with the different stakeholders involved in a project enables us to manage the implementation of projects in a professional, diligent manner surpassing our clients’ initial requirements.

  • Our Strength : Our Passion…

    The success of a project is linked closely to the involvement of stakeholders in its implementation. Our team brings together engineers and technicians driven by the wish to excel professionally and meet all client needs. To achieve this, Bruser’s employees constantly perform their work in a thorough and ethical manner to maximize the value of clients’ projects.

  • Expertise and Customized Know-how!

    Bruser’s dynamic, experienced engineers and technicians rise to new challenges with integrity and passion.